Starbucks Now Offers Nationwide Mobile Ordering Service

Starbucks has been on the forefront of all things mobile for quite some time. Long before Apple Pay was a thing, they allowed customers to load their Starbucks card information onto the mobile app, which was easily scanned at the counter when it came time for payment. It’s not a surprise then that Starbucks is having major success with its mobile ordering service now available nationwide at any Starbucks store near you.

How it Works

Pull up the Starbucks app on your smartphone – iOS or Android, it doesn’t matter. Select the order option and pick the store you’d like to pick up your product from. Pick out the drink you’d like, customize it to your taste and add a snack or two to complete your order. Pay the total and receive a time estimate as to when your drink will be ready from your selected store. Could it get more straightforwward? It doesn’t seem so.

Starbucks Thought of Everything

There are many facets of the system showing that the company truly thought out the app and how it would work in real time for their customers. For instance, let’s say you want to order a snack but the pastry just ran out of stock. The barista can immediately update the store’s inventory which will then show up on the app. There is no need to worry that you are paying in advance or an item they don’t have. Let’s say you have a complicated drink order – you’re a Starbucks snob. That’s okay and you don’t have to type in all the details every single day all over again. The app saves your recent orders so you can just click to repeat the drink. There is less of a chance your order will get mixed up and you’ll be disappointed – the specifications will be clearly shown right on the printout for the barista.

This app is the end to your frustrations due to the Starbucks line making you late for work. Starbucks knows it has good products. It knows it has loyal customers. It also knows many customers wait an unusual amount of time to get their desired product, so it is making easy, reasonable changes to an ordering system to provide more convenience and less of a hassle. That is the sign of a company that understands the customer experience and wants to make their clients happy.

The Future of Fast Food?

With the high level of success Starbucks has enjoyed so far with the service – they just expanded the program to their London stores as well – it is reasonable to think that it’s only a matter of time until other coffee shops and fast food joints join in on the mobile ordering fun. With less manpower focused on taking orders and sharing that information with other staff, employees can work more on raising the quality of the product. There is no mix-up during the ordering process, since the customer is hand selecting what options they want, rather than depending on an employee’s hearing to deliver to their satisfaction. Mobile ordering may become the norm in the next few years for more companies than Starbucks alone.